Montag, 2. Mai 2011

̄ ̈'*·~-. ̧ ̧,.-~*' ̄ ̈'*·~-. ̧ ̧,.-~*' ̄ ̈'*·~-. ̧ ̧,.-~*' ̄ ̈'*·~-. ̧ ̧,.-~*' ̄ ̈'*·~-.

Heya! After a long weekend of work and fun (we ate the best buffet ever) school started again today. I need to prepare soooo many presentations... wuhowww... And in 2 days already I need to give away my application for the university... Wish me luck, I chosed to apply at Essen Folkwang, university of arts. I really hope they like all my sketches, designs and crafts! Maybe I'm not a pro, and there's definitely always someone better, but I really would like to learn new stuff. Well then, I really hope you all had a great first may, this here is a project called: Random techniques- Four seasons. I wasnt supposed to take any direct influence, all the pictures are made with random effects like merble effects, dripping, color exploding ballons etc. .. I just overlayed some pictures in Photoshop and here is the result for my four seasons with random techniques.              


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