Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2014

Sweet tea party

Hey hey,
Since I fell in love nearly two years ago with Svg cuts, I really needed to make some of their kits. If you take a look at their page you see all the different items, made with such love and details. Its simply amazing what this wonderful couple built in just a few years. Recently (2013) they won the Martha Stewart American Made Audience Choice Award and they so deserve it.

Well as my addiction to their projects is quiete reasonable, the fact that I dont own a cutting machine isnt. Still, its too expensive for me to buy. Its about 350€ to start with and thats a massive amout for someone who just crafts for fun and friends (ok sometimes customers too, but its really rare :D  ).

So I decided: use what you have!
I am a digital media designer so I went to my pc, tranformed the cutting data to an usable Photoshop data and worked with it. Needed to give color, seize and needed to fit to the other data. Then I needed to print all, hand cut it and used it as a paper template for the paper I want to use in the final project.

Its really quite a work but when you see the result, worth every minute!

I hope they dont mind that people work with their data, but not owning a cutting machine is quite a hell when you see the projects other people do with their machine.  :(

Here are some projects that I want to show you, the caravan took me sooo long with fitting the seize in Photoshop!

Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014

Im still ill, but. ..

So seems like this year is getting on my nerves. I cleaned my atelier and sold a huge amount of it on facebook (yes u need to find those groups, you really have good offers in there). Since many stuff is gone i have the space to craft again :)

So here are two things i made for a cute lady that needed a giftset for an older bike lover, and a happy birthday box that is for a 30s lover. Both were quite happy about it, so guess I did a good job :)

Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

New year-new beginning?

2014 doesnt start that geat for me. I hope it will get better :) just problems around me... What a mess...

Like i told, i started to crochet again. Starting with hats, i was pretty successful. And the coolest: even without pattern! Discovered myboshi for me. I just love their cotton! Then i went over to do some motive hats. - Take a look at the minion, isnt he cute?

Besides spending my days with my crochet needle, my cat levy needed to get an operation because the idiot ate a needle while i sewed christmas presents. He is fine now, but my pocket is a huge amount more poor. :D
... so christmas was quite a poor one, but hey, i did all by myself! Some hot wine sirup, chocolate liqueur, cookies, coffee nuts,....  And i think everybody liked it. :)   like you see on the picture, i even decorated it with lovely tags.

Well then, i hope u had a better start than me, lots of love!