Donnerstag, 28. April 2011

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Here we go, as a rainy day passed by, I would like to show you this little piece of work that i've done last year for my boyfriend Greg. Its basically made from 13 match boxes (we really use many matches, for candles, etc. still, yepp) that I glued together, wraped in paper and put pearls on some to use them like drawers. I took 9 match boxes for the desk and 4for the chair, some of them are invisible under the black paper, and just the one one the top you can pull out. The Pc, keyboard, mouse and pencils/ruler are made from paper.

I can tell you it was quiete a work... Remember how tiny a matchbox is? now take a look at the mini pens and ruler on the desk. After 48 hours of work I was happy with my result and filled the drawers with small gift cards and coupons. Im happy that Greg appreciates handmade stuff!!!

Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

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One of the cards that I recently made. Kinda classy, but I like it. I used paper from a vintage paper set that I bought in the netherlands. Holy crow, crafting stuff is so unbelievable cheap there! I paid half the prize that I would pay here! So we planned to go there as often as we can :) ...
I <3 U Netherlands, u make my crafting heart shine!

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Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.
H. Jackson Brown

(Photography- played around with cake decor)

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Welcome to my first blog post.

I maybe introduce myself :) 

I'm Nadine, 25, and I'm with the love of my life, Greg. Hes from Paris, and I'm from Germany, and he left his country for me (the poor :D). Now we're living in Duisburg, a city near cologne in the west of Germany. Gracious how time flies!
We have a cat, Levy, and he is really a destroyer. He's black and super cute, but once he has his special five minutes you really need to be careful, cause he will hide and destroy everything when ur not after him. :D 

Right now, I'm into my studies to become a media designer (that includes typography, freehand and sketches, presentation design, photography, digital design and graphic design). In the middle of the year I will have my final exam. Wish me luck :)

A long time I didnt want to start a blog, cause its quiete a work and time is hard to find, because of the studies and all the crafting/ artwork that I do.
The reason why I started this blog is that I found so many unbelievable blogs who really inspire me, and I would like to give something back. So this will be a platform for me to share thoughts, Crafting and other art projects that I've done or will do, sketches, and many tipps and tricks that I stumbled over with the time. I will even do some give away days and I hope that you'll follow and like it :) ...   

Well, happy blogging and enjoy the sunny side of life!