Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2011

Like christmas!

Last week when we bought the cuttlebug I searched for some dies that I like. I googled and googled, saw in ebay, ... . Then I came across I was fascinated by the cheap prices and the cute designs that I needed to order some. They have up to 75 % promotion right now, an amazing offer! I ordered really many dies :) Today they arrived. I was so excited and I felt like a little kid when I opened the package! Like christmas :D I was in such a hurry to try out all the embossing and die cutting sheets and clearstamps that I spent all the afternoon with crafting! :) I really can recommed you sizzix!
Here some pictures of my fabolous cheap and awesome dies:

Go and take a look over and maybe you'll find something for you too! Happy crafting everyone!

Time for some Vintage!

The last time when I went to my granny I found some old toys that I played with when I was small. I was really happy to see something from my past that she even gave it to me, A WHOLE BAG of toys that I used to play with. What a treasure :) I love to see the stuff that I played with when I was young. So amazing to see how fast the world turns.
This gave me the idea to use vintage objects in a card. For my firts try its quiete a good one! Too me some time to combine all, but the result is super cute!

Here some details, and yeah, I love to use artificial flowers :)

Hope you like it! Happy crafting!

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Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011

Making your own embossing sheets

Well, as stuff for the Cuttlebug is rather expensive, I tried to find some alternatives for it. Looking up some ideas in youtube, I stumbled over a video, where someone with a cutting machine did her own embossing sheet with a micky mouse background. So I wanted to try kinda the same, except I wanted to have just one motive. So I took thick paper, which was in the origin the back of a noteblock. I cut and fold kind of a folder, and on another paper with the same size I drew my object. I cut it with the cutter and glued the image on one side, the cut out pieces on the other side (it needs to fit in the opposite side). Done! Try your new embossing folders! :)

The other thing I tried was to do an embossing sheet with my name. I made it because I searched for a stamp that said: handmade with love. And then I came to the idea to made an embossing sheet instead of a stamp. Took me quiete a while, the whole image is just 2cm long :) . Take a look, looks great too, no?

This embossed paper I did with a ribbon, a big one with a spiderweb structure.

And here the ultra Tip: I embossed some bigger Scrapbook eyelets, and it gave a really nice effect. This is really cheaper than the usual embossing sheets. :)

Well than, I hope you try some of it, happy crafting !

Cuttlebug embossing with stuff from home :)

I did this card with a paper embossed with an old drape border in the cuttlebug. I really thought much about using the cuttlebug with different objects that you can find at home. So I came to the idea to put the drape border in. Nice result, isn't it? I even put money in, and different stencils (stencils for decorating walls work fine). Just take some thin material that you can find at home. rough textil works great too :)

I used my ink pad on the embossed image, this effect is so sweet for cardmaking!

Here you can see the border that I used for embossing the sheet. Awesome and simple huh?
Have a nice day everone!

Back again!

Soooo many things happened, first of all, I got my exam! Yihaaaaa! :D

Second: I did a lot of crafting the last days, we even bought the Cuttlebug (darn this is expensive!) and some cutting dies, embossing stuff, and some other stuff around crafting. I thought a lot about the Cuttlebug and how you can use it in different ways, so later a few tricks that I came up with.

And then... something to celebrate...: Greg proposed to me :) So well yeah I said yes and now we have something to celebrate :D Our wedding will be in two years as it seems now, we both have a specific picture in our heads how it should be :) So well, life couldn't get better, or could it???

So first of all, my new Cuttlebug 
<3 Isn't the christmas cat by Nellie Snellen cute?

Then another thing that I did: Me and Greg we too my oilcolors and marbled some paper. For the ones who don't know how to do this: Here is an explanation: With one of the results I did this book sign. I love the colors!

 Another thing I've done with 3 new paper and sticker sets: 
Cute right? Romantical touch with it :)

And with another piece of the marbled paper I did this card. I just drew a scene with a black ink pen in, colored it a little and yepp, that was all, a lil deco and it looks great :)

When the weather became warmer, 
I started to work with a sommer topic, and this is the result of it: 

Well then, another 2 posts will follow, too much that I discovered :D
Happy crafting everyone!

Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2011

Inbetween my exam...

I just wanted to show u a project that I just finished. My client was the local battered woman's shelter. They wanted that I design a cookbook with their recipes and the design should represent the battered woman's shelter. I'm quiete satisfied with it. Well then, have to learn, tomorrow another exam. :(  But well, soon another card!
Happy crafting everyone!