Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Book Mark for someone special

A few days ago I started to paper braiding with two colors on a basic color and it was really a good result. So I decided to use it in a project and since I made quiete many cards I wanted to do something else; the form of my piece remembered me on a book mark, so I decided to to one. I used the digital coloring stamp "precious moments" that u can download here: , colored it with Copics, and glued it on with 3D patches. The flowers are handmade too, since I saw a wonderful tutorial for handmade flowers on the blog of  "Craft, Life and Laughs" here: . Its really worth a visit!

Happy crafting and have a good week!


Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

My favorite Disney Character

Yesterday we me and our friend Ola crafted some cards, and hey, yes, even Greg crafted with us ! :D

When I was a kid, my favorite Disney character was Arielle, I even collected the Arielle magazine :D She was always so kind, but stubborn like I am :) I love beeing in the water too and red is still my favorite color, Arielle was such an awesome movie. I'm quite sad that Disney does'nt want to produce any movie in this style anymore. But well, here is my homage to my wonderful mermaid Arielle:

I colored a digital stamp of Arielle with Copics, used some wrapping paper and crêpe paper for the seaweed and some glimmering paper for the coral. To put some highlights on, I used some shimmering sequins. The darker blue background I created with blopens. Blopens/ Sprayzas are pencils, that you can use like an airbrush system. You need to blow in the pencil and the color just comes out like with airbrush. Its amazing what you can do with it! In just one minute you can do a whole background paper, it's so cool! You really should try them! Happy crafting!


Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

Flyer for the german wine association

One of the last projects in my apprenticeship was to create a flyer for the german wine association: They wanted to combine cheese with wine and the illustration should fit to it. The target group is younger than the "normal" wine generation. So I played around with aquarell color, scanned the results and put it into the flyer. Here the result:



I´m quiete satisfied with it, I love aquarell colors, they have such a nice effect! Happy crafting everyone!


Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

Another day, another card.

As I saw that the generation of digital stamps grew more and more, I decided to find an alternative and came across the idea to use coloring pages as a digistamp. It was quiete fun to search good pages, finally I found some like or for example. I printed them on Copic paper, colored them with Copics and well, the result of todays card:

Isn't she cute how she wears her books under her arms? I love this picture!
I used textil flowers and leaves for it that I bought today. I was so happy, 'cause it was really really cheap :)

Well, as usual, happy crafting!!!


Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

My first try with oil color.

Since I got a whole set of oil color from my boyfriends mom, I wanted to try it. Since two years the colors got dusty in my cupboard and I never had the chance or time to try them. Finally I made it. And I have to say: That was an experience. they are really different in their behaviour than acrylic color, aquarell color or water color. And even if I painted really with thin layers, it needed 5 days to dry. :D
The title is: NEW BORN, and I wanted to express the feeling of beeing born, the power, something new, a center. Well, here is the result, and I'm quiete happy with it for a first try.

Well, that's it for now, im working on a new card by the way. Happy crafting!


Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

Last week of my apprentenceship began...

... and so I did 2 new cards. Just some simple cards with not much Tam tam. im quiete satisfied. Colored with Copics, both cards have their own charm. I wanted to use finally one of my diamond green paper, so a card with  a spring theme was quiete logic. The other, red and dark green one is mor a classy graduation card, but it says: The one who appreciates will have a world. Isnt the charm cute? Its an arabic eye that brings luck. My gran gave many charms to me one month ago, you should see them :) .

The flowers from the dark green card are handmade, while the flowers on the spring card are bought, made from plastic and textil.

Here is the other card:
Happy crafting everyone!!!


Freitag, 20. Mai 2011

Finally found some time to try my new stamps.

Made this lovely card today, isnt it cute? Stamped image colored with Copics (yeah I'm one of the crazy ones that owns a whole set, but they are simply amazing), Flowers handmade by me. I'm quiete proud of it, guess if all this card hysterie continues, we need a new cupboard to store all the cards. By the way: Where do you store your cards?


Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011

Yihaaa!!! Something good during my exam time.

Today my Ebay package arrived. I was soooo excited. I got this stuff by accident I have to say, I saw it, bid for it (I bid the start price: 15 Euro), and didn't thought I would get it. Next morning checked my mails and Traraaaaa, I really got it! 15 Euro for so many new stamps, inkpads etc. WONDERFUL! Like christmas. :D

Have a great weekend!!! AND: Happy crafting ! :)


Montag, 2. Mai 2011

̄ ̈'*·~-. ̧ ̧,.-~*' ̄ ̈'*·~-. ̧ ̧,.-~*' ̄ ̈'*·~-. ̧ ̧,.-~*' ̄ ̈'*·~-. ̧ ̧,.-~*' ̄ ̈'*·~-.

Well, some pictures that I took in Paris. Paris is a wonderful city... When u dont need to live there :D  I can tell you living in Paris is like... Like you live on a trainstation. Many people, always something up, crowded and loud. :) Happily we live in Germany. But as a tourist you definitely need to see Paris!!! AU REVOIR!!!

̄ ̈'*·~-. ̧ ̧,.-~*' ̄ ̈'*·~-. ̧ ̧,.-~*' ̄ ̈'*·~-. ̧ ̧,.-~*' ̄ ̈'*·~-. ̧ ̧,.-~*' ̄ ̈'*·~-.

Heya! After a long weekend of work and fun (we ate the best buffet ever) school started again today. I need to prepare soooo many presentations... wuhowww... And in 2 days already I need to give away my application for the university... Wish me luck, I chosed to apply at Essen Folkwang, university of arts. I really hope they like all my sketches, designs and crafts! Maybe I'm not a pro, and there's definitely always someone better, but I really would like to learn new stuff. Well then, I really hope you all had a great first may, this here is a project called: Random techniques- Four seasons. I wasnt supposed to take any direct influence, all the pictures are made with random effects like merble effects, dripping, color exploding ballons etc. .. I just overlayed some pictures in Photoshop and here is the result for my four seasons with random techniques.