Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

My favorite Disney Character

Yesterday we me and our friend Ola crafted some cards, and hey, yes, even Greg crafted with us ! :D

When I was a kid, my favorite Disney character was Arielle, I even collected the Arielle magazine :D She was always so kind, but stubborn like I am :) I love beeing in the water too and red is still my favorite color, Arielle was such an awesome movie. I'm quite sad that Disney does'nt want to produce any movie in this style anymore. But well, here is my homage to my wonderful mermaid Arielle:

I colored a digital stamp of Arielle with Copics, used some wrapping paper and crêpe paper for the seaweed and some glimmering paper for the coral. To put some highlights on, I used some shimmering sequins. The darker blue background I created with blopens. Blopens/ Sprayzas are pencils, that you can use like an airbrush system. You need to blow in the pencil and the color just comes out like with airbrush. Its amazing what you can do with it! In just one minute you can do a whole background paper, it's so cool! You really should try them! Happy crafting!


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