Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

New year-new beginning?

2014 doesnt start that geat for me. I hope it will get better :) just problems around me... What a mess...

Like i told, i started to crochet again. Starting with hats, i was pretty successful. And the coolest: even without pattern! Discovered myboshi for me. I just love their cotton! Then i went over to do some motive hats. - Take a look at the minion, isnt he cute?

Besides spending my days with my crochet needle, my cat levy needed to get an operation because the idiot ate a needle while i sewed christmas presents. He is fine now, but my pocket is a huge amount more poor. :D
... so christmas was quite a poor one, but hey, i did all by myself! Some hot wine sirup, chocolate liqueur, cookies, coffee nuts,....  And i think everybody liked it. :)   like you see on the picture, i even decorated it with lovely tags.

Well then, i hope u had a better start than me, lots of love!

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