Sonntag, 14. April 2013

Uhhh so many news....

So much stuff happened here, we renovated nearly the whole flat... thats the reason why i couldnt write anymore. I felt so exhausted....but everything is done now...and i got such an amazing kitchen! I looooove to cook and bake in it! Here's a picture from the first things i baked, my first petit four, they are quite a cute thing huh?!!!  :D

The next thing: I found work!!! I work now for a.......huh what could it beeeeee.....YEAH A CRAFTSTORE. It's called "idee." and I simply love their stores! I'm so lucky because I really really feel comfortable there, of course, how can't I, surrounded by craft stuff and things I absolutely love? It's perfect! 

Well then, let's start crafting and have fun!!!
Nad ***

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