Montag, 17. Dezember 2012

Back again

Woow, over a year Since my Last post...
So much happened. I graduated. Greg got a great Job. Was ill many times, many personal things changed and happened. And best of all: Greg proposed to me. :-)

I really improved my skills in cardmaking and creating giftboxes. I still enjoy crafting and have the time right now to enjoy what i love. And even Greg crafts with me sometimes! He's doing mosaique. And gets better in it every day. I will post some pictures of it soon. 

Well, hope to finally get back to What i started, a huge hello with two of my new cards.

The first card is a christmas card that I always wanted to do. Light blue and white with glitter. And it just looks perfect. I love the combination!

The second card is a huge monster card :D  Its a big card with a sewing theme. I love the stamps and vintage  effect that it adds to projects. The tags are from a german online craftstore, the buttons are from my sister and granny. They both came with two huge bags full of buttons, I will have enough buttons until the rest of my life :D


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